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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Air, Food and Water Pollution Harms Your WHAT?????????


11 Kislev 5769

Sighhhh... I've clued you in to the value of organic foods, invited you to a global summit on natural hormone therapies that solve many medical problems, alerted you to the dangers of melamine in your baby's bottle and yet...

Some of my book and blog readers remain skeptical. Ya kinda wonder if I'm giving advice that could apply to you, too. Well, check this out, fella:

(I tidied up the text of that link with G-rated vocabulary)

Remember Dr. Yaffa, who ran that Bioidentical Hormone Information Summit advertised in my book and blog? He tells me "My male patients have hormone weakness. In my internet seminar one doctor quoted the statistic of how low the sperm count has gotten; just one notch lower is deemed infertile (while many men are there already)." sigh... Now, back to MY comments:

If you're wondering how to enhance your chances of fathering children, living a healthier life and anything else pertaining to stable hormones, start asking questions of your doctor, of local organic food sellers, and of librarians who can point you out to relevant information. Sometimes you can learn so much more with a good book
(LIKE MINE) than you can on the 'Net.

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