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Monday, December 8, 2008

Enhance Your Brainpower with...


11 Kislev 5769

I'm getting a headache from the somewhat cavalier attitude that part of the medical world seems to show to the rest of us.

We have proof that many drugs harmed the people they were supposed to help; people suffering some sort of medical problem. Read my recent posts. You don't have to be Einstein to understand this phenom.

Granted, medical professionals make mistakes even though their efforts might come from a genuine desire to prevent harm and to promote health. That consideration makes the announcement above all the more striking: A) Why haven't allegedly smart people learned from past mistakes? B) Why on earth should anyone try to fix what isn't broken? Healthy people don't NEED drugs. Read the ethical considerations about this trend when you click on NATURE magazine.

You want to enhance your IQ?
Improve your ability to remain awake and alert for longer periods of time?
Avoid things that can upset your quality of life?

Take the safe direction to reach those goals. Read high-quality literature, attend interesting presentations and lectures. Listen to and study music, math, a foreign language. Eat a highly nutritious diet and skip the junk food (I've probably told you in the past that junk food is another name for Brain Drain).

And read my book, while sipping on a luscious latte. My blog demonstrates why both are sensible tools for preventing the drug-induced and other man-made problems plaguing the planet's human population. BUY YOUR COPY TODAY!

To your good health and alert mind,

Yojeved Golani
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