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Wednesday, December 31, 2008



4 Tevet 5769

Last night I spoke to a crowd about my book. My supply of colorful copies was gone within minutes of ending my presentation. A neurologist in the crowd congratulated me for helping people to understand that "We can make the best of what's left" after a devastating medical experience.

The decision to go forward is up to each of us. The possibilites are unknown.

The audience was well aware of my vision problems and that I am still under considerable medical care. They appreciated my "Go for it!" attitude knowing full well that my sight is unpredictable. Doctors have explained to me that I literally see a different picture each time I blink. It doesn't stop people from cheerfully supplying a helpful arm to assist me when I walk on stairs or bumpy terrain. In fact, my desire to persevere motivates people to step forward when I need assistance.

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Here's looking to the future. Please mark the start of 2009, and your entire future, with reasonable care.


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