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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Make a Wish in Many Languages


6 Kislev 5769

Kislev is a month filled with the light of Chanuka and miraculous rescue for the Jewish people. But Jews around the world are still weeping for the recent, tragic loss of life in India. I've struggled to work towards something worthwhile as my response to the horror. Here is an initial effort:

Not everyone survives a medical crisis. It is our moral human duty to behave compassionately with people facing the foreseeable ends of their lives. The American "Make a Wish" foundation is famous for helping younger people to fulfill lifelong dreams. Today's post publicizes the Israeli version, which lets terminally ill children make a wish in Arabic or Hebrew. Read all about it when you click on"Mishelet Lev."

CLICK HERE to reach the Mishelet Lev website.

It's MY Crisis! addresses terminal illness and resources for coping with it, as well as strategies for overcoming medical problems. Buy a copy of the book when you CLICK HERE.

May our lives be filled with life-sustaining blessings, abounding joy and enduring peace.

Yojeved Golani
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