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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How to Stay Upbeat if You've Been Feeling Down


Third Day of Chanuka 5769

Holiday season making you feel sad?

I want to share a smile with you. While I was at a friends' party this past week, a gentleman in the crowd asked "Are you the lady who wrote that book about coping with illness? Like how to get help for getting better, all around the world? How to stay upbeat if you're feeling down and sick?"

"Yes, that's me," I smiled. He promptly bought two copies. I asked what he does for a living and the man replied "I'm a psychiatric nurse. I heard about your book and how much it cheers people up. You really give your readers a sense of optimism. I had wanted to buy your book, and now that I just heard about the Resources section in it, I had to come over and get a few copies for work."

OK, folks. You know what to do. Check out the right-hand margin of my blog and click on the hotlink for buying your copy of my book today. Make someone feel happier this holiday season (including yourself!).

To your ever-improving mood and health, Yocheved

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