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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do You know How to Dine on the Safe Side?


4 Iyar 5769

I've received messages asking me for further clarification about eating pork. Some of my book and blog readers want to know why I'm so hyped up about pork (well for starters, I'm Jewish!) and if I want the entire world to go vegetarian (no!).

The issue is hygiene: personal and otherwise.

Dirty animals, as I
mentioned the other day,
seem to be part of the problem.

Check out the paragraph below, part of the larger story at

swine flu is not caught from eating pig meat products, but several countries imposed import bans on pork from the United States. Stocks in companies such as airlines were also hit as investors worried about the impact on travel.

OK, readers. There you have it. Neutral analysis of protective safety measures. We'll know more facts as the future unfolds.

BTW, the Hebrew name of
this month is Iyar,
an acronym for
"Ani HaShem Rofecha,"
I, GOD, am your healer.

Interesting time for a worldwide
pandemic scare, hmmm?

Let's be nicer out there.

Praying for an end to the nightmare,


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