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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is it Possible to Prevent Swine Flu from Hurting YOU?


2 Iyar 5769

I'm sharing some thoughts on the chance (and the hope) that some medical professionals will respond to them.

Swine Flu has swept the world into a frenzy (with mainstream media's help). I'd like to minimize the cause for concern, if possible.

I'm eager to clarify a link between:

1. Filthy animals used as food

2. Antibiotics in the food chain,

and 3. Human disease.

If my theories about a link between filthy animals used as food, and antibiotics for those inevitably sickened animals in the food chain - both of which might lead to human disease - have merit, then there might be a simple way to minimize Swine (and Avian) Flu dangers.

Swine Flu has appeared in places (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia) with opportunistic environments:
pig troughs and pig pens.

Garbage, feces, and other non-food items such as fattening hormones commonly added to animal feed (cost-cutting and profit-promoting maneuvers) also nourish specific viruses/germs/bacteria/etc., then further weaken the now poorly nourished animals twice-over.

Filthy feed troughs seem to present a case of double jeopardy: Pigs swallowing the viruses or rolling about in them, absorb them into their flesh.

Their inevitably weakened health thus provokes antibiotic use to curb disease outbreaks, a double whammy on human health.

1. People handling sickened animals
have clearly been harmed by
the dangerous exposure.

2. Antibiotics are foreign to the food chain.

Human and animal digestive systems weren't designed to
process antibiotics on a frequent basis.

A vicious cycle of animals dining
on dirty, infected feed
and non-food items,
handled by workers thus exposed
to Swine Flu virus
(and who knows what else!)
and then served for dinner is
an all-too-common reality.

The above scenario leads me to suspect that i
f handlers are on nutritionally poor diets themselves, they'd be even more susceptible to risks of Swine Flu infection, thus facilitating the animal-to-human infection danger among themselves and everyone in contact with them.

Frequent dining on antibiotic-filled food might be harming human diners. What if the antibiotics don't prevent Swine Flu?

Eating Swine Flu-infected animals might also spread disease. If Swine Flu viruses are impervious to low heat, then improper cooking could complicate matters.

The threats above may hold true for all animals used for human consumption:
Cows, chickens, ducks, geese, etc.

Think Avian Flu and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and reflect on past headlines.

Infected people interact with other people, all of them
unsuspecting targets of the
crossing the once durable
animal/human barrier.

Air travel facilitates the spread of disease.

So does breathing.

Neither reality is about to disappear.

I suspect that proper animal feed (clean whole grains, clean produce, clean water) would prevent monstrously morphing bacteria, viruses and germs.

The absence of junk to 'eat' could cause them to die off.

Worldwide medical advice seems to indicate that we should stay as healthy as possible, keeping our immune systems strong so that bad-news bacteria, germs and viruses will not prey on us.


I'd like to suggest that people
stop eating dirty animals.

Stick to organically raised livestock
that dined only on
clean feed and clean water,
and lived in clean environments.

Behaving with maximum decency and compassion, no matter your mood or circumstances can only improve your inner and outer health. The world of medical and mental health science proves that point. And, to be something of a name-dropper, GOD promised us the same thing (Shmot/Exodus 15:26 and elsewhere).

I welcome responses to the thoughts I've shared above.

Meanwhile, be attentive to Swine Flu safety guidelines at

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To your good health,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
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Star Lawrence said...

I know you are a vegetarian. Is this a pitch for that? Since swine flu is a virus, and thus antibiotics would not kill it, you are saying that in general, anticiotics in food make people more susceptible? I hear that cooking at 160 degrees does kill the swine flu virus. Here in the US people are getting food borne illnesses from vegetables, too, and our food protection agencies are under attack. I thought people were catching the swine flu from breathing air patients breathed, though--which is a very serious way to pass things along.

Yojeved Golani said...

Nope, I'm not pitching for vegetarianism. Vegetarianism is good for me, but not necessarily good for everyone.

I'm scared of hormones and synthetic additives added to animal feed: antibiotics and animal fatteners are not food!

I've noted FDA messups on this blog and asked consumers to demand better vigilance. Salsa, powdered milk and other non-meat items have been rendered unsafe due to poor FDA monitoring.

Well maintained farms produce healthy animals. Germs have been on record as harmful for generations. Filthy animal pens/farms are inexcusable.

I wrote in the post today that I prefer clean conditions, food and water for animals. I hope that consumers will choose safer food choices over dangerous ones.