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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Your Shaliach Never Taught you about Kupat Cholim! (Israel's Medical System)


I've appeared on TV and radio many times.

Broadcasters appreciate my poise. I have another gig comin' up:

Tune in to
Arutz Sheva's Aliyah Revolution Show with Goel Jasper and David Gantshar at 6:30 PM/18:35, May 7 2009/13 Iyar 5769

(get used to using Hebrew-English dates and times
for when you make aliya ;- )

They'll be interviewing me about my Nifty Ivrit Cheat Sheet and other ways to adjust to Israeli life with a healthy sense of humor.

Ever heard of Israel's health care system, called Kupat Cholim (health fund)? It's about as much fun as any HMO can be.
In Hebrew. OYVAVOY.

Parents and people with
medical conditions
should tune in to hear me talk about
how to get medications
and medical treatments
not included within
Israel's basket of health benefits.

AND how to discuss all that in Ivrit

Trust me, this show could be titled "What Your Shaliach (aliya counselor) Never Taught You about Kupat Cholim!"

And yes, you betcha I do Self-Help Coaching for olim (sick and healthy) wondering how to finesse
some situation or other!

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To your good health,

Yojeved Golani
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