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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Taking a KOSHER Spring Break!


13 Nissan 5769

Great shot, huh? I have no idea whom to thank for the hilarious picture sweeping Jewish monitors worldwide. But it sure captures an updated look at why so many so many people hit the beach for Spring Break. Jews started it all, so to speak ;^ )

Moses and his Boss meant for this to be
a kosher time of year, on many levels.

I'll be celebrating the Passover Festival of Freedom from Egyptian Slavery for 7 days (the quickie explanation is that we call it Pesach to signify the miraculous "Passing Over" of death) starting tomorrow evening.

I'll be off my PC and praying thanks for our deliverance. And with a more focused than usual mode of thought, I'll join fellow Jews in asking The One Above for more blessings throughout the world. All of us need better quality in our lives some way or another.

One quick item: Tomorrow will be the Once in 28-Years Opportunity to thank The One Above for the sun (and the healing, nurturing powers S/He put into it). Click Bircat HaChama and Oorah to learn about the event.

Blessing of the Sun Moves from New Zealand to Israel; US Next

Look for my pixels on 22 Nissan/April 16).

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PS - If you need an emotional lift right now (holidays kind of suck the happiness right out of you when you're ill or upset about something), watch the following video and follow it with a Prune Juice Chaser or a fruit/vegetable salad. Matza is not gentle on unconditioned tummies:

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