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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Positive Reaction to My Recent Radio Interview


27 Nisan 5769

A colleague of Adam Mallerman, the gentleman who interviewed me this past Sunday on
Rusty Mike Radio
wrote to let me know that...

"I heard you and marvel at
your candor and your
straightforward attitude.
Kol hakavod [more power] to you and
may Hashem [GOD] bless you!"

Cordially, Nettie Feldman,
hostess of Afternoon Shmooze on

"Tune in and you'll never go hungry for honest chat again"

Okay readers, you're seeing/hearing what "honest chat" Britons think of
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my book about how to cope with medical problems. Not bad for an American-born chick, eh? We Colonists get things right, at times ;- )

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