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Monday, July 11, 2011

Listen in Wednesday: I'm Raring to Go on Live Radio!


9 Tamuz 5771

Rabbi Elan Adler, mensch/nice guy extraordinaire, will host me on his Derekh Eretz (Polite Behavior) online radio show at Arutz 7 (Radio Station 7) this Wednesday at 2PM Israel time. We'll be speaking in English about how to cope with and REDUCE the emotional and financial costs of illness.

Send in your questions to now, so we can address them. Anonymity guaranteed if you specify your desire to remain unnamed in the discussion.

We'll be sharing snippets from EMPOWER Yourself for curing and preventing Empty Well Syndromme for stressed-out caregivers, how to tame misbehaving medical staff and well-meaning but clueless visitors, and how to see the overall "When Someone's Ill" situation from two points of view.

Wait'll you hear about the cost-cutting component of the book. Solutions around the world for getting YOUR medical needs met at no cost or little cost to your wallet.

Tune in to the show 2PM Wednesday Israel time. Click
this link and then click LIVE!

Get your grin back. EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge.

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