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Friday, November 30, 2012

Not a Normal Day...


16 Kislev, 5773

You know it's unusual for me to post updates on a Friday. My heart is rollercoastering from what I've learned today.

Readers of EMPOWER Yourself have been contacting me since the early hours of the morning. They've let me know that the book held resources they need for dealing with 

  • Bi-polar disorder, 
  • Chronic pain and how to combat it, 
  • Physical rehabilitation concerns 
  • and a bit more. 

Why did these readers contact me out of the blue? To thank me. They'd despaired of meeting their needs after long, frantic searches for necessary information.Then they found information they truly needed on the pages of

As one caller put it, 
"This book is a Do-it-Yourself Healing Kit!"

THAT, dear readers, is how I designed it. You can help yourself a great deal just by reading the soothing, informative content. Share it with loved ones (they can help you to fill in blanks on specific pages), and/or with your medical team. Lots of medical and mental health professionals respect the book and what it does for readers.

Chanuka begins next Sunday night. Christmas is almost here. Kwanzaa celebrants want good gifts, too. Buy a copy for someone you love, including yourself.

Buy it for your employees and watch their health improve. 

Give out copies to supporters of your charitable organizations. 

Everyone can appreciate stress-busting, cost-cutting information that saves time and everybody's sanity!

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And get your grin back ;^ D


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