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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Changing the Holiday Song from "Me me me" to "You, you and you"


18 Kislev, 5773

I'm saddened by news reports of people trampling, shooting and otherwise harming fellow shoppers as the season of selflessness advances.

You call this heartwarming? 

Buying gifts at holiday time isn't supposed to be about cruelty. The gifts are supposed to symbolize love, patience, acceptance, and generosity. Pulling a gun on a crowd is just not what lofty spirituality is about.

For pity's sake, Americans just marked the Thanksgiving holiday that celebrates thanking GOD for your personal bounty. But barging into stores and commandeering the goods is not a sign of satisfaction. It is a sign of selfishness.

Europeans are scrimping on holiday gift-giving season, however. 

Still, the focus on stuff rather than relationships, ever-improving behavior and spirituality points to one serious situation worldwide: Wholesome values have been hijacked by marketing techniques and deteriorating social values.

That is not good for human physical or moral health. As for spiritual health, your local clergy man or woman surely has something corrective to say on the "Shop 'til you drop" subject.

Want to improve your sense of connectedness with loved ones? 

Focus on touching hearts and minds with kindness, thoughtfulness, time and patience. Invest in your relationships. Enjoy conversation instead of superficial "Hi/Bye" encounters.

Skip the commercialism. Go for the heartstrings. Bake homemade foods. Prepare home made gifts. Provide coupons for errands you'll perform for people who need them. Better yet, skip the coupons and ask what needs to be done. Then do it. Put yourself into the gift. BE the gift.

Your blood pressure will be better off for the changing your holiday song from "It's all about Me, Me, Me..." to "I'm focusing on You, You, You..."

And you won't need to slap your head and say "Shoulda bought some batteries," when all is said and done.

Happy heartwarming holidays ;^ D


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