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Monday, December 10, 2012

A Look at Real Life


26 Kislev, 5773

My trip to Netivot and Sderot happened as you were reading this blog yesterday. You know those cities. They appear in news headlines. The media reports on how the evil Israelis there are bombed by peace partners who hate us Jews (calling us "Zionists" or "Settlers" is just code for "Jews"). Just Saying, as my friend and fellow lunch participant Reesa Cohen Stone notes.

I spent time in the company of deeply spiritual women involved in charitable endeavors of many types. One of my friends who lives in this part of the country, Devorah Horev, took some of these pictures.

We are friends who come from all parts of Israel and the wider world. Our histories are diverse (we span the age spectrum, too), our friendships phenomenal.
We exchanged plant cuttings, shared personal news of joy and made jokes with each other. The woman in the purple head scarf sold lovely hand-made jewelry to support a charitable endeavor run by the woman in the brown turban sitting next to her!

As we ladies chatted, friends of mine who run a yeshiva back in my town released a heartwarming video. It's dedicated to the people of the town where these pictures were taken, and to the soldiers who protect them.

It all comes from GOD. You can hear that in the music... 

Hanuka/Chanuka is a time of spiritual enlightenment. Ever heard of Matityahu (not the singer, the man he's named for)? Rest your mind and heart from their worries and distractions. Let the holiness of the holiday inside. 

Look at life as it really is, not as someone with a nasty agenda told you to think it is.

Look at these pictures and imagine us sitting or walking about a town with bomb shelters for bus stops, and shopping malls with bomb shelters every few stores. See this one, at the edge of a parking lot? 

Here's how much room it has. 

There was just enough room from my friend Batya Medad to squish inside and take this photo.

The people in these pictures, as do most Israelis, have peaceful natures. But the lies that we are monstrous have deceived so many gullible people. 

Reporters just won't have stories to sell if they report on nice people, hmmm????

Listen to that music. Look at these pictures. Not a trace of hatred or bloodlust anywhere. They're not part of Judaism.

Listen to your heart. Leave the lies in the newsstand and ignore the news sites.

Sorry you ever believed or shared the lies about Israel and her Jews? Sorry about something else you've done? Life's not over. It's a Do-Over! 


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Miriam said...

Yocheved, wonderful posting! Thank-you for shleping to Netivot. It was a pleasure to spend the day with you.


Batya said...

Yocheved, thanks! It was great seeing you.

rutimizrachi said...

"Listen to your heart. Leave the lies in the newsstand and ignore the news sites." That sums it up!

It was a wonderful day. May we share many more!

Yocheved Golani said...

Thank you for the thumbs up ladies! Our friendships are a phenom.