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Friday, December 28, 2012

Blending Happiness with Resolutions: I'll DRINK to That!


15 Tevet, 5773

I've refrained from posting this week as I doubted anyone wending their way through clogged roads and airports would be thinking much about health issues. The still-fresh sadness of the Newtown massacre and other troubling developments also tempered my sense of mass public "joy."

It has not been a time to share 
commercial messages 
about buying the 


BUT... Now the New Year season 
will change the calendar. 

I find it problematic.

It's the traditional time for thinking 
and acting 
on ways to improve yourself.

But NONE of those New Year's parties 
you want to attend
are about focusing on your better self.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

So, I'm breaking my online silence today to ask that you re-think your New Year's resolutions for making yourself over into a better person. 

If you plan to spend time and effort at parties focused on people making themselves gluttons, drunk, foolish and a public danger, you've sabotaged yourself from the get-go. 

Think of that diet you already need to obey, and how far you'll need to go to walk off New Year's party calories!

Consider the wisdom of spending time nurturing the love of family members and friends instead of being silly

  • Do someone a favor. 

  • Clean up that desk or room you keep avoiding. 

  • Tackle some task that needs doing.

You'll look a lot better when you peek into the mirror Tuesday morning.

You can toast your better self with a non-alcoholic beverage to keep the momentum going.

I'll drink to that with a mug of genuine hot cocoa.

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