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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

When Your Voice Comes Together, Your LIFE Comes Together!


28 Kislev, 5773

Here I am, interrupting my week of fun to cheerfully let you know of a marvelous means to healing your life, perhaps your singing career.

My friend Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman is listed in The Worldwide Who's Who for her ground-breaking method at training singers. One of Miriam's maxims is that "When your voice comes together, your LIFE comes together."

Check out her sites, Voice Institute and Music Visions

Miriam posted a recent message on Facebook and permits me to share it here. Read it for your improved health even if all you want to do is to sing in the shower (keep reading for a surprise ending to this blogpost!):

  • I am sure you all remember the article I wrote after the tremendous loss of Whitney Houton - here is some true confirmation of Brandy on the subject, up close and personal. What of paramount concern is that the same people who are responsible for her vocal demise are out there and doing to other singers over and over again --- their teaching, their philosphies on singing, their methodologies are responsible for the constant loss and destruction of voices - no need to mention the stars that go to them and are on vocal rest, are taking off to have babies, have built in larynx , etc. lets not talk about the steroids, injections etc. These "Vocal Great" who charge a fortune for their 'work' - WHEN SHE GOT INTO TROUBLE - long before she died, WHERE WERE THEY when her voice began failing??? WHO WAS THERE TO HELP HER of all those GREATS who are nothing more than a glorifacion of their own fallen stardom. I am sick of students being ruined, coming to me in desperation - beautiful voices that have vocal cord nodules, stress, hematomas on their cords, endless ---where are the EXPERTS whom she could have and did pay any amount to get her voice back????? The people who made money off her on the way up??? who used and abused her vocally??? no one wants to take responsibility not for her vocal demise - which is the real truth for her untimely death, nor for those fantastic voice which have such short lived careers because of the vocal practices they are taught. I had a student write to me that his voice teacher at BERKLEY COLLEGE OF MUSIC has herself vocal cord nodules....WAKE UP WORLD- this is not an advertisement for certain, HERE IS A VIABLE AND REAL OPTION TO MAKE A CHANGE, NOW AND IN A BIG WAY!!


Here's a surprise ending to my post for today: Miriam's tutelage this past November resulted in improvements with my vision! 

I recommend her work highly.

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