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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Medical Prescription: BIG Dose of Laughter!


7 Tevet, 5773

OY. The friend I mentioned the other day is still running a bureaucratic gauntlet in the medical world. She discussed it in a Facebook forum. I turned her sense of frustration on its head by making the mess into a basis for a sitcom (a situation comedy television show, for those of you not familiar with American slang).

I indulged all of us in a BIG dose of humor in that
Facebook forum. Respondents "LIKED" it! I'm sure you can identify with the joke:

Title for the show: Medical Files. IZREELTV's newest offering, a zany look at the rollercoaster of Israel's socialized medical world (an HMO system - in Hebrew!), the unadjusted olim (immigrants) shocked to pieces by it as they try to maneuver the klita/absorption process and the need to lower their ever-rising blood pressure while fatalist tzabarim (natives) murmur "Ain li moosag. Yihye tov habibi. Eh, refua shlaima b'emet (I'm clueless, too, but I bless you to get better fast)." Guest spots by famous doctors, grumpy medical professionals (sorry for being redundant), clueless administrators and a cast of characters including Bituach Leumi (social security) officials who misunderstand the law let alone human interaction dynamics! Yocheved Golani narrates the show as she offers tips on how to cope with it all and keep your giggle on. Cameos by officials and medical staff who display enormous compassion, competence and a touch of the miraculous in what they do. 

Please patronize our sponsor GOD. Say your prayers and hang on to your bedrails. We're zooming you through to spiritual healing if not better physical health.

OK, we're off Facebook now.

Care to get your giggle on despite 
all the bureaucratic messes
in your medical life?


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