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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Improve Your Health and Your Happiness in a Health Expo TODAY!


14 Kislev, 5773

In Israel? Be sure to browse Lema'an Achai first-ever Women's Health Expo

TODAY Wednesday 28th November, 8.30am - 2.00pm

At the Ramat Bet Shemesh MATNAS, 16 Nachal Dolev

40 NIS paid in advance, 50 NIS at the door
All proceeds to benefit Lemaan Achai!!

Lemaan Achai is an acclaimed charitable organization 
that helps people in financial, emotional and other distress.

(Bring more cash to spend on various vendors of health-related goods and services).

Buy a copy of EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge already wrapped for Chanuka! Save someone's sanity,time and money with the cost-cutting info on how to get 1st-quality healthcare around the world - as charitable organizations pay part or all of the cost! Wheelchairs, air transport, medication, medical care, and more! You'll even learn how to control that blizzard of insurance and medical paperwork. The bonus will be getting your grin  back with the humorous content. 

*Continuous lectures,?exercise classes and workshops
* A huge variety of health-related vendors selling goods and services
* Babysitting service - 10 NIS for the morning
* Healthy snack and lunch options available for purchase:?
Saidel's Boutique Bakery, Shoreshei Tzion, Channa Rachel
Mark's raw foods, Holy Bagel salads

8.30-9.00 - Arrival and registration
9.00-9.10 - Opening remarks, Kerry Bar-Cohn, chiropractor
9.10-9.40 - Jen Airley, MS Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer: The whys & hows of exercise
9.50-10.20 - Avraham Gundle, DO.ND, Centre for Integrated Medicine: The road to vitality
10.20-10.40- Vendor break
10.40-11.10 - Yael Zahavi Zinger, Clinical Nutritionist at Hadassah (speaking in Hebrew): Nutrition for the family
11.20- 11.50 - Rena Yudkowsky, MSW: Boosting your brain power
12.00 - 12.30-Shoshanna Harrari: Free medicine
12.30-13.00 ? Lunch break
13.00- 13.30 - Tzipora Wolff,MD: Bishvlaych Women's Comprehensive Med. Centre:Menopause
13.30-14.00 - Vendor break
9.10-9.40 - Eva Elkayam: Pilates
9.50-10.20 - Rivka Matluk: Yoga
10.20-10.40 - Vendor break
10.40-11.10 - Jolene Sonnenberg: Zumba
11.20- 11.50 - Miriam Segal: Kickboxing/Self-Defense
12.00 - 12.30- Shelley Dunn: Preventing Osteoporosis -Weight Bearing Exercise
12.30-13.00 - Lunch break
13.00- 13.30 - Alisa Coleman: Toning-Strengthening using Household Objects
9.10-9.40 - Smadar Nevo: Paula Method, pelvic floor exercises
9.50-10.20 - Ceter Shapiro: Breema, the art of being present
10.20-10.40 - Vendor break
10.40-11.10 - Tamar Rotstein: Fertility awareness and Aviva method
11.20-11.50 - Channa Rachel Mark: Food - the main ingredient
12.00-12.30 - Limor Evenodem: Natural cosmetics
12.30-13.00 - Lunch break
13.00-13.30 - Tamar Silverman: Self Shiatsu-techniques for destressing, rebalancing and centering

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