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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Beat Back the Blues with 1 User-Friendly Tool!


19 & 20 Shvat, 5773

Sorry to dash off a quick message to you, but I'm having a rather busy week helping someone hospitalized, and without family members, to cope with being bedbound. I'm also finessing several other projects at the same time. So here's a blogpost I prepared as one day ended and the other began:

Ever felt as if your life looks like a crumpled mess? You wonder which task to accomplish first, second and third, or if any of them even matter?

You sort of end up feeling the photo below. You just don't know how or where to start feeling better.

How can you help yourself to feel better 
in a user-friendly, painless way?

Read on.

When I'm interacting with one of my Self-Help Coaching clients (scroll w-a-y down the blog to read an explanation about that), I coax them to develop a Plan of Action.

We hone in on absolutely necessary tasks to be accomplished, then check them off one by one per achievement.

That leads to the development of another, more sophisticated Plan of Action; rinse, lather, repeat.

This leads to immense client satisfaction. More goals are  accomplished, and more complicated tasks can be accomplished because simpler jobs, perhaps more important priorities, were dealt with first.

The power of being in control is increasingly obvious and delightful to the person who once felt defeated by life itself. Despair is replaced by a sense of accomplishment or victory.

Here's a look at the possibilities once incremental changes in a positive direction become daily habits: Creating Motivation Even When You Feel Depressed

Want to make your medical, disability or mental health life that sensible?

(especially the part entitled 
"All First Steps are Difficult"
it even teaches you how to
STOP that fake sense of fatigue
from messing you up)

Buy the E-book or print edition today to put your life in order. EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge today! 

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Face the future with a sense of accomplishment!


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