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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to STAY SAFE from Manipulators


18 Tamuz, 5773

One of the frightening ironies of needing someone to guide you through or past a particular problem is that the therapist (doctor, technician, etc.) might not be trustworthy. Manipulators are capable of conning vulnerable people into serious trouble such as sexual, financial or emotional exploitation.

People need to trust their instincts. One of the things I teach my Self-Help coaching clients is to observe their (your) own body language. If you / they're hugging yourself / themselves, turning away from the controversial person or using other defensive gestures (e.g., lip biting, staring at floors), that's a RED FLAG alerting everyone concerned to avoid intuited trouble!

Yes, your gut instincts can protect your safety.

Here's a thought to consider: As soon as a confidante tries persuading you to do something that makes you fearful, embarrassed or worried somehow - no matter how lofty and "moral" the goal or excuse might be - back off. 

You're dealing with a manipulator only interested in their own needs, NOT YOURS.

Need more information? Look up "Narcissist" or "Narcissism" and "Manipulator" in the dictionary.

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