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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Haveil Havalim #(FOOEY! I forgot which one this is) the MURDER MYSTERY Edition!


26 Tamuz, 5773

I'm hostessing another Haveil Havalim Blog Carnival
Without further ado, read on!

Summer's marching on and the Jewish world is mid-way through The Three Weeks! Not scary enough for you? Check out Ruti Mizrachi's Do YOU Like Murder Mysteries?

You know how readers have to sort through a clutter of  clues and false leads to find the answer to something - let alone a murder mystery!? Batya Medad reminds us that One Person's Clutter is Another Person's Treasure.

Laura Wenger presents some good4U eye candy - it might even please your 

with Sketching it Out: JPIX Jewish Photo Boggers Carnival 2013!  

Um, Rafi Goldmeier has a heckuva photo-shoot at Get a LOAD of THIS Picture! (Life in Israel can be startling at times)

It's one of those Eastmans again (luv that buncha boys and their fab football team family!) with Dovid's When GOD Means... Nothing?

Ruti Eastman has more intellectual and heartfelt gold for us at Eim HaBanim Smaikha: From Seed to Tree.

Rivkah Lambert Adler (an acquaintance from The Old Country) shares A Guest's Point of View from "My Mirpeset".

 Here's a history lesson that won't put you to sleep, class:
Betarim in North America - Tel Hai.

Efraim Zuroff presents a solid case for Nazis in their 90s are NOT too Old to Prosecute.

Jeff Dunetz scolds h-h—h-Hadassah and reformed Jewry (for pity’s sake if they’ve reformed they’d get with the Torah Life is a COMMANDMENT not an optional app program already. Sheesh) at Shame on YOU! 

Jeff's prognosticating (fancy word on my part, huh?) political developments with BREAKING: Full Military Coup Underway 

(ED. Note from Yocheved: As I went to sleep last night I wondered if Egypt as we'd known it - or Morsi - would still exist when we awoke this morning. Or even by the time I switched off the PC for "lights out." UAE leaders seem to fight to the death. It's quite an established pattern for them. Is voluntarily leaving office THAT distasteful to you, guys?)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali puts the UN in it's scholastically challenged, amoral (Immoral? Discuss!) place with 2-State Delusion.

Back to Batya: Let's learn how she made it through shiva for her mom With a Little Help from Friends.

Notice how that lo-n-n-g-ago Arab Spring has churned in to a long, hot summer? Why are politicians (yes YOU Kerry) pestering Israel while people are dying en masse in Syria and Egypt?

Orit Riter invites you to calm down and increase your emuna at Daily Dose of Emuna.

Summertime and music is on everybody's mind. Here's something from the formative years of many HHers:

I like Poogy/Kaveret's clever humor and simple fun at nobody's expense. I do not enjoy "entertainers" who hurt actual people with meanness as a form of public amusement. Kaveret caught up with pro-Israel thought processes at an exciting time in history (not that we teens necessarily appreciated that to the full extent). It was good, clean, wholesome fun that helped us to mature. Here's a few more hours of their fun (er, don't you have a day job?).

What's a Israeli summer without reminiscing about Israel's quintessential woman of song Naomi Shemer? Yehoram Gaon does a great send up with I Have not Yet Loved Enough

I'll leave you with Naomi's
wonderful heart and voice a la 

and Yerushalayim Shel Zahav

Please play Jerusalem of Gold 
at every pro-Jerusalem, 
Yehuda and Shomron rally you go to.

Local politicians need to comprehend 
Naomi's message. And GOD's.

A personal note from YG: I'm celebrating 11 years of a fulfilling life in the Holy Land this week (HAT TIP: GOD). I arrived on the first-ever NBN plane. Not bad for a hayseed from Dee-trawt.

Today's an important date in Jewish history, but on the non-Jewish calendar. We salute you, Yoni הי'ד!

BTW, here's a post close to my heart and personal interests. It's about the difficult life that disabled people face in Israel (no thanks to bull-headed bureaucrats and clueless citizenry): MORE & Better Accessibility NEEDED!  (ever wonder how the elephant never being discussed feels as you chat so pretend-nonchalantly in the living room?)

I hope you appreciate this blog and my various writing efforts. You can hire my content-provider and public speaking skills.

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rutimizrachi said...

Nice use of fonts, and some cute comments! Thank you for your work on this HH. May Hashem bless you with much continued success with your book. I see that it is a mission, a perpetual labor of love for you. And I frequently read comments from people whose lives were clearly improved because of it. A great legacy!

Batya said...

Thanks so much Yocheved.  You did a great job on your July 4th Havel Havelim.