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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Woman Who Cracked the DNA Code and... How to Feel Better FAST!


18 Av, 5773

It's been a slow week for medical news, so I've indulged in a bit of time off from this blog. Then...

I found something to share with you via today's GOOGLE DOODLE, dedicated to a woman cheated of acclaim in the science world. 

Click on her name, Rosalind Franklin, to learn about that historic fact. You'll see that Google Doodle, via the link, too.

Here's a prophetic warning
about the utter chaos of
the (UN)affordable (Lack of) Healthcare Act

I pray that people around the world will be better served by their governments and medical professionals. 

Politicians need only promote healthcare, not to inhibit it. Taxpayers are better off healthy, not increasingly ill or dead.

Since I know how hard it has been 
(for SO many reasons)
to secure adequate healthcare 
I wrote 

Medical and mental health professionals praise it on and off the cover. 

Half the book helps you to calm down, to sort out complicated issues, and to get your grin back. 

The second half of the book informs you of charitable organizations willing to pay part or all of your healthcare needs - around the world! All you need to do is to contact the organizations and indicate why you need the assistance.

I gathered the information in the book from colleagues I'd met in my former Health Information Management profession and from subsequent research.

I also invested what I know about human nature and needs in the book. I'm certified in Counseling Skills and in Spiritual Chaplaincy. People contact me around the clock for information and soothing ideas they need.

Buy the E-book or print edition today for a brighter tomorrow. Click on the words EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge

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