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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Get that Child OUT of the Car NOW!


14 Av, 5773

Many hearts are broken after people leave children in cars while running errands. The time saved can turn into a lifetime of grief.

When you exit a vehicle, take the child/ren with you. 

Children first. Period.

No shortcuts.

I understand that firefighters recommend that when breaking a window you should 

(A) pick a side window (not front or back) as far away from the child as possible and 

(B) try to poke it from the corner rather than smashing it through the center.

Children first. Period.

Even if you're forgetful. 
Lives depend on you.

Children first.

Take a look and save a life. 

A glance into parked cars can save lives.

If you walk past a vehicle, look inside. 
Make sure children were not left in it. 

If they were,

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Find better ways to save time. Endangering little ones at your convenience is not the way to go.


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