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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Haveil Havallim Parshat Vayetzay Roundup!


7 Kislev, 5775  

Chanuka happens in a few weeks and I sort of celebrated early at the start of the Kislev month.

Thanks to my friends Chava Levin and Batya Medad, I spent time in Shilo, home of the Mishkan last Shabbat. 

​​It was a spiritually spine-tingling time to be in Shilo at Rosh Chodesh. When the men announced the molad (astronomical moment of the new moon's "birth") as "AKHSHAV!" ("NOW!") during rosh chodesh (new month) tfilot (prayers) on Shabbat, I felt spiritually electrified. That confluence won't happen again for another 30 years, I believe. 

Batya Medad (she blogs at told me that it's a special segula (special portent) for brakhot (blessings) and gosh I felt it. 

Here I am in the white coat, praying for the welfare of the world at large, with women who arrive at this site for the start of every Jewish month. That's Carralee Harwood from Eli, in the denim skirt and orange striped top.

Chava (a local) is in the blue and white snood.

As for praying at Tel Shilo (the archaeological site of Shilo) on Sunday, rosh chodesh (start of the new month), well, I had a mantra during my 3-hour bus ride back home: "I live in the holy land. I live a holy life. I live in the holy land. I live a holy life. I live in the holy land. I live a holy life..."

Miriam Blum, in the middle gave us a guided tour of the area, 
with fascinating information. 
Inside that building behind her are relics of 
several civilizations. 
All over the area, as in all over Israel, 
relics of conquerors are atop
what had been there in the first place: Jewish artifacts!

Miriam mentioned that the conquerors 
destroyed earlier structures without concern.
I responded that, no, they'd done it with
calculated contempt for their enemies.

(Remember Rabbi Sacks' words: 

"To be free, you must let go of hate.")

She agreed with me.

Let's move on. Real life acquaintance and IDF truck driver Sgt. Shem Tov Sasson brings us along for the ride and another of his excursions around the Israeli countryside in

Mitzpe Oded and Kever Yosef 

Long a beacon of good sense for the Jewish and wider worlds, Gail Winston carries on her late husband Manny's work. Check out the Jewish State Law coverage at

Gaza War Diary Mon. Nov. 24 Day 140 11pm

Oh, you want to know what the heck the Haveil Havalim thing is all about? OK, I borrowed this succinct explanation from fellow (fellowette?) HHer and former homie, Ruti Eastman:

.A blog carnival is a round-up of blog posts, sort of an internet magazine. 
Haveil Havalim is the most veteran of the Jewish blogger carnivals
and probably one of the longest running blog carnivals

Haveil Havalim, the international Jewish blog carnival, 
was established by Soccer Dad,
and was then run by Jack.

Now it is run via the HH facebook page. Anyone interested in contributing to Haveil Havavalim should join the group.

[The term “Haveil Havalim” is from Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, which was written by King Solomon. It means “Vanity of Vanities”.]

Back to me, YG again. My take on the Haveil Havalim phrase for Jewish blogging purposes is that no matter how we try to keep Am Yisrael on track with a pro-Israel, pro-Torah set of priorities, GOD will have the final say in everything. We mortals just do our best  ;^D

Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod shares lotsa good stuff with...

Israel's cheap coffee obsession!

The five-shekel coffee obsession started in the centre of the country, but it’s spreading out, propelled by chains like cofix – the original five-shekel fixed-price coffee joint.

Awesome new aliyah book:

How do you write a book about something as momentous as moving to Israel? One Facebook post, one bus ride, one limonana at a time.

It would be a joke... if my foot didn't hurt so much:

My problem is that it only hurts when I’m barefoot.  Put on a pair of shoes and I’m Wonder Woman.  I leave everybody in my dust.  Take them off… and I’m Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma, barely able to get out of bed.

Are you smarter than a third grader when it comes to mental illness?

Some of these phrases are so deeply ingrained that you might not even realize you're talking about mental illness when you say them. 

Batya's back with "There are many of us who write/blog to stay sane." 

Take out the hankie for this wonderful aliyah story.

My illustrated travel adventure.

Basic hasbara (public relations, literally "explanation")  helps by knocking out the lying anti-semites.

Feeling hungry for good food and some history, yet? 

Batya asks "Who remembers this cookbook?" Please read, comment and share, thanks.

Well I'm the HH hostess this week and I say "NO DESERT for the leftists!" Why? I read what Batya reveals: "That's the only way they could make their demands a reality. Please share if you agree, thanks."
New HH participant Irene Rabinowitz seems to share my sentiments, somewhat. Check out her Times Of Israel Op-EDs!

OK, OKAY, I hear you. Let's focus more on upbeat content. Check out  Adam Hopkins' message:

My wife and I just made Aliyah last week. 
We are blogging about our adventure 
There are a couple new posts this week 
that people may find interesting.

Since it's almost Hanuka (Chanuka, spell it as you wish), how about making someone feel better with information on how to lower their medical costs, headaches and frustration over a medical or mental health/emotional situation? Give the gift that doctors recommend (click the cover to buy the E-book or print edition): 

BTW, do you know how many candles we use over the 8-day Chanuka holiday?


While we're on the subject, I'll refer you to a rabbi who shares fascinating information related to that: Rabbi Pinchas Winston. See his website

Quick! Click on Jacob Richman's "Only in Israel" Photos for a photographic treat!

Heartwarmer time: Miriam Green of the Beersheva AACI has a fantastic food & family blog about her mom's Alzheimer's situation. It leaves me teary-eyed each time I read it. This post salutes her dad

Ruti Mizrachi heals some aching hearts with her message "That we are all one family is evidenced by a love note, from one beleaguered community in Israel to another" here

The next HH host/ess is Tzivia  (Jennifer) MacLeod, so send your submissions to her via 
tzivia @ (repair the E-mail address by removing the spaces I put in to prevent spam from heading to her).

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Batya said...

Thanks so much for including me in your  Havel Havelim.

rutimizrachi said...

Thank you for your effort in putting together this collection, and for all the extra font and color. Quite fun, and a good roundup!