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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Reality Check: Terrorism


27 Heshvan, 5775

I have not updated the blog lately, as Israelis, including me, are simply on coping mode. 

We are reeling from the inhumanity of the barbarians who chopped and shot worshippers to death, and of the reporters distorting reality so that Jews will be despised by conned consumers of false news reports.

This example of journalism as propaganda is chilling. 

So is this.

I happened to have been at an Israeli hospital to speak with a medical coding staff member when some of the survivors of the terrorist butchery arrived for life-saving treatment.

Almost everyone on staff was struggling to hold back their sobs as they tended to the injured people.

I spent part of today offering time and compassion to one of the mourners. Her cousin was murdered with a meat cleaver.

A world-famous educator shared her thoughts on the massacre, at A Personal Report on the Terror Attack in Har Nof (it's in WEST Jerusalem by the way, not East as CNN and other media have mis-reported. The attack happened in a synagogue, not a mosque, on land where Jewish ownership is not being disputed by anyone other than biased journalists).


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