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Monday, November 17, 2014

How to Feel Safe When you Need a Second Medical Opinon


24 Heshvan, 5775

There's a substantial amount of idea-sharing in the

book about how to handle rude medical personnel, and how to convince them to respond with respect or to leave the area. 

Stress damages health. 
Calmness promotes it.

One of the ideas behind those paragraphs is that you, the patient, are the consumer, the boss, of your health care staff. A doctor is a hired hand, so to speak. You are free to fire clinicians you dislike and to hire the ones you prefer. 

Recent changes in health care law make that concept seem kind of fuzzy.

As I read an oncologist's recent essay to medical colleagues, I was struck by his compassionate insight into those realities.

You'll figure out how to feel safe when you need a second medical opinion, by reading and re-reading

When patients seek a second opinion:

 It’s not about you

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Eli Varenberg said...

Faced with a medical challenge, I found myself reading your book and learning how to handle the stress, anxiety, and aggravation that accompanies a medical challenge. Your book has helped me view my situation as medical challenge as opposed to being a crisis. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who needs guidelines and/or a boost of encouragement to help them get through a medical challenge. -Eli Varenberg

Yocheved Golani said...

I'm so grateful that the book helps you, Eli. Thank you for letting me know that it changed your perspective and enables you to go forward.