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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Powerful Perspective from the Other Side of the Bedrail:


9 Cheshvan, 5775

Medical drama is a reality. The emotions that rock you and your loved ones affect everyone around you, whether or not they show the reality. 

I found something at the site worth sharing with you.

A powerful message.
I just saw the doctor walk out of the room…the room of your husband on a ventilator, who after 12 days of no improvements, has had set back after set back.

That emotional barrier is a protective mechanism. 

It lets medical professionals focus on their skills so that they can tend to the patient in optimal fashion. 

But when that barrier turns to indifference, it endangers lives. 

book shares information about 
your safety-enhancing options 
in such situations.

Please share your thoughts about that, and the essay above, with me.

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