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Friday, November 14, 2014

Adjuvant Therapy: Tailored-to-YOU Medical Treatment!


21 Cheshvan, 5775

Sorry for my silence this week - I've spent lots of time connecting with interesting people and medical resources, plus traveling by train about the country. I've also invested time in learning some hi-tech techniques that I hope to use in the near future.

But let's focus on you, again.

One of the maddening, and terrifying, realities of medical treatment is that you, the patient, are left wondering why this doctor-recommended treatment or that would work, as if a One-Size-Fits-All solution is reliable.

The truth is, life does not have 
medical solutions.

Humanity comes with different genetic backgrounds and related medical realities. Some treatments will work, others not, with given populations.

We're also different from each other because of what we do or do not eat, breathe and drink. Medical treatment is affected by that, too.

There's more to the story, but I have a soothing resource to share with you. It was created by a man I know well and once worked with. And it solves the One-Size-Fits-All non-reality.

It's called Adjuvant Medical Solutions. Doctors are awed by its effectiveness in fostering tailor-made medical treatments to people with cancer and other chronic diseases. 

Explore the site. Consider if it can help you, too.

And yes, it's featured in 
the Global Resources section 

Explore the healing possibilities.

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