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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Make Music Your Medical Soundtrak!


2 Elul, 5777

I'd meant to share a message with you, yesterday, but I was caught up in helping several other people to meet their medical needs in various ways (paperwork, conversation about healing modalities,  and my journalistic efforts at

Then I took some time to enjoy an evening musical concert with friends, in the lovely outdoor setting adjacent to a local nursing home/assisted living facility. I was very amused to see people who'd been sitting as still as statues suddenly begin to sway, rock to various beats, or even get up and dance!

Music is healing in many ways. 

I'm aware of many philosophical, scientific and spiritual insights in to the healing, soothing power of music. Indulge in it. 

Listen to music that soothes you. Let your emotional and physical pains lessen as you adjust the soundtrak to your medical life. Make it work on your behalf.

You can read these nutritious updates while you relax. They can help your healing and coping efforts, too.

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