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Monday, August 28, 2017

You can be a Successful Failure and Have Fun, Too!


6 Elul, 5777

I revisited this video and realized that the speaker's sense of humor lets her have fun with her disability, not despite it. Attitude Matters!

Born with a genetic visual impairment that has no correction or cure, Susan Robinson is legally blind (or partially sighted, as she prefers it) and entitled to a label she hates: "disabled." In this funny and personal talk, she digs at our hidden biases by explaining five ways she flips expectations of disability upside down. Watch »

I suspect that Susan has what is called "prosopagnosia," aka "Face Blindness," the inability to remember faces. Dr Oliver Sacks had it, too. I'd even written an article about the phenom years ago (EDITORS: You can ask me to refresh the piece for your publications!).

Take what you can from this enchanting TEDTalk presentation. It just might give you ideas on how to laugh at your difficulties.

Watch for my forthcoming article at My boss plans to post my recent piece about the value in laughing at yourself in the near future. 

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