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Friday, August 4, 2017

Pity Parties Prevent Progress.


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As you've read in the EMPOWER Yourself book, I look forward to an ever-better future. I might limp towards some finish line or other, but I make every effort to reach it.

That's how I earned rescue certification, ICD10 medical coding certification, and counseling certification while facing a bewildering picture before me. 

I have spent years recovering from life-saving emergency brain surgery to remove a benign tumor that had blinded and almost killed me. 

I needed lots of physical, occupational and vision therapy to deal with vertigo, a brain that disagreed with my eyes about where my body and all its parts were located (an issue called "proprioception"), rapidly changing vision ability that caused my eyewear prescriptions to fall more than 20 times in 12 years, and all the courage I could summon up. 

I felt exhausted inside and out at times, and begged The One Above to help me to reach a state of inner and outer health. I refused to indulge in self-pity. No time for that. I had goals to reach!

Through it all, I've struggled to become employed. I've secured temporary and permanent employment over time. But I had to contend with doubters suspicious that a "disabled" person was "unabled." Some of them refused to hire me though I'd passed the interviews and skill-testing processes.

I read this article yesterday, and smiled. I appreciate the courage described in it. You might, too.

“Pity is one of the most dangerous things for the disability community,” Murray said. “It removes the value of the work and contribution of the person.”

Read the rest of the article at 

Michael Murray’s involvement in the disability community stems from his personal and unforgettable childhood experiences.

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