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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Socialized Medicine can be BAD for Public Mental Health!


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Several days ago I wondered why so many UKers were jamming the statistics for visitors to this blog. Then I checked some recent headlines and guessed what the problem might be: A lack of sound mental health care in England.

I indicated as much on one of my facebook pages:

Yocheved Golani Uh, might this be the issue on your minds?

The Government says it wants create 21,000 new jobs,…


Figures suggest a large rise in the number of reported cases of abuse of mental health patients.


Yocheved Golani Socialized medicine is not necessarily good for the public.

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This 7 Things You Need to Know about Britain's Failing Nationalized Health System report underscores the overall problem. 

If you're in the UK and need competent mental health care, I strongly suggest that you A) Make use of licensed, reputable online mental health care professionals ready to serve your needs, and B) Check out the Global Resources section of 

It's packed with details about private and charitable organizations ready to serve the public's medical and mental health needs.

I write about many online mental health care options at a website geared to US reader interest, but no less valuable to UKers: it as often as necessary. 

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