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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Food to Feed Your Health, Soul and Mind


30 Av, 5777

I let last week's miracle-oriented message stand alone several days, to let it sink in.

Doctors are fascinated with my recovery. They meet me and ask many questions about how I managed to recover vision after having been blinded with crushed optic nerves that had appeared to be dead upon medical examination. 

They also ask how other nerves, so damaged that I could not walk unassisted, healed. My eventual ability to walk, exercise, and to dance has made many medical minds more alert to my situation. We discuss that I'd gradually lost my need for a wheelchair, walker, crutches or a cane, and how that happened over time.

That startles medical professionals, many of whom had told me to my face that I'd never recover, that I needed psychiatric help to deal with my fantasies of eventual recovery.

They ask how I can be cheerful 
despite all I've been through.

They ask if I'd known the healing techniques I've used before being stricken with a body so weak that I could not see, walk, or speak clearly.

My answer? "No. I learned my body cleansing techniques, super food nutritional know-how,  and junk food avoidance behavior from naturopaths. They also taught me the importance of not wearing or using synthetic materials in my clothing, kitchen or furniture."

When asked about my lifestyle I respond, "My clothes and furniture are made of naturally occurring wool, cotton, silk, hemp, and/or latex, and my kitchenwares of bamboo, cast iron, ceramic, glass, wood or porcelain. Synthetics sabotage human health. Our bodies can't process it, and that undermines health, ending it in many cases."

It's been an adventure to learn a new lifestyle 
and to live it. 

Yesterday, someone with multiple medical problems asked me  for advice on how to heal. I explained that dining on wholesome food has been critically important to my ever-improving health. It is critically important to anyone's health.

She asked a  question and I replied "No, snacking on junk though you generally eat a wholesome diet is NOT good for you. No, you can't 'get away' with it when your body's fragility demonstrates that each and every nutrition-challenged bite causes you pain or reduced ability hours later."

She sighed. She understood.

Genuine nourishment allowed my body to strengthen nerves, muscles, blood, energy levels (I had lots of otherwise-tiring exercise regimens to finesse!) and attitude. It can do the same for you.

I'll spend this week sharing information with you about why some "edibles" sabotage human health, and how pure, simple nutrition supports health. It even prevents cravings!

Update 1:

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