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Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Book is Making Impressions on Society

May 20, 3 Sivan 5767

Word is out about the nature and quality of my book. Friends and neighbors who've observed me coping with the medical crisis I faced in 2005 are telling other people about my successes.

Representatives of a local charity have asked me to provide tips about coping with medical crises to clients and counselors in the Medical Assistance arm of the overall program. This is in addition to the private individuals seeking my guidance on how to manage with their stressful issues.

As the It's MY Crisis! book makes its way around the world, I hope to expand on it's usefulness. I am developing a program to teach people how to be clever patients who get the most out of their medical care. Empowering people to find exactly the care and practitioner they need is my goal.

Watch this blog for updates about developments in the medical world. That information might help you or someone you know!

To your good health, Yojeved

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