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Monday, May 28, 2007

Listen to Me Address the Crowd at an Upcoming Speaking Engagement

May 28, 11 Sivan 5767

I am scheduled to speak on June 28 2007/ 12 Tamuz 5767 at the Natural Healing Conference in Jerusalem's Orthodox Union Center on King George Street. This is a return engagement following the standing ovation I received there in November.

I plan to make the first formal announcement of my book's publishing date at the conference, and to provide information about how to order advance copies from my publisher.

I hope that you will attend the event, and learn about can-do and result-oriented activites that promote healing. I recovered from a devastating diagnosis by using those very techniques, shocking the medical world.

I am available for other bookings in and outside Israel. Contact me at to propose your plans for hiring me to speak about my book and medical recovery.

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