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Thursday, May 10, 2007

You and/or a Loved One are Struggling with Physical and Emotional Pain. Read on to Learn Some Coping Mechanisms from my Book

May 10/ Iyar 22 5767

Nancy Rosenfeld, author of Just as Much as Woman: Your Personal Guide to Hysterectomy and Beyond, and Unfinished Journey: Two People, Two Worlds, From Tyranny to Freedom says that my manuscript is "compelling, inspiring, and merits publication."

Here are some selections from "It's MY Crisis." They demonstrate a few major points in my text:

Count Your Blessings

You're on an adventure. It has scary parts, laugh-out-loud goof ups and other silly things to chuckle about, a lot of work and so much more. As you travel on your tailor-made trail to improved health of any kind (mental, emotional, and spiritual), crummy, disappointing things happen to you. Wonderful things happen also.

Make a list of all the wonderful things that happen for you. It could be the unexpected smile someone gave to you, or the clear weather that let you reach an appointment without struggling in rain, ice or snow. It might be the patience of a person whose attention you need. It could be a medical miracle, little or big. Maybe you received a gift or bonus of some kind.

List your blessings, the gifts that GOD gave to you as you cope with your medical crisis and/or that of your loved one (you and your loved one can prepare this list together).

It is boring to get better. I mean it. Doctors, friends, family and your conscience will tell you (repeatedly) to go at a slow pace, not to overdo things, to take it easy and ... oh, anything you can think of that means dull, uninteresting and crawling up the walls because you have nothing fun or worthwhile to do. And how much fun can it be to count the dust bunnies under your bed or spider webs on the ceiling?

The good news is that the advice is meant to be good for you. Your body is adjusting to a new and stressful reality with its medical challenge or crisis.

Even though your brain thinks as it always has, your body is not being what is used to be. And when a medically challenged person makes too much demand of a weakened body, then the only defense your poor physique has is to arrest you! Yep, your muscles, bones, blood levels, energy waves and everything else will be so desperate for a chance to heal, you task driver you, that the whole system will up and quit so it can TAKE A REST!

Somebody else will have to do the laundry, drive the car pool, meet a deadline or mow the lawn. Your disappointment is the size of Texas, and we'll deal with that in a bit. First, let's focus on a recess from your busy schedule.

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