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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dedication Donations are Arriving. Make Yours, Too!

May 31, Sivan 13 5767

Join the people who are becoming part of the pre-publication project of my ground-breaking new book. Add your dedication donation to those already made.

Honor or memorialize a loved one with a dedication in or sponsorship of my book, to help others cope with medical crises. All you need to do is to contact me at

Contact me soon. That way, I can include your name in my official announcement of the book's publication details at my June 28 2007 address in Jerusalem (see details in message below).

My gratitude and admiration for the individuals and families who are becoming part of this project to help people in medical distress has brought tears to my eyes. Eminent psychiatrist Rabbi Dr. Avraham Twerski told me only a few days ago that he expects my book to sell "Thousands" of copies because "It can truly help people."

Become part of my pre-publication team and watch how your generosity will grow and grow over time. Readers will benefit, and you'll have the satisfaction a good deed well done.

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