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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Publishers Express Interest in Producing My Book

June 20, 4 Tamuz 5767

Book publishing is a risky, complicated business, though many people daydream of writing best-sellers. Stardust from famous best-selling authors can close one's eyes and mind to gritty realities. It’s an uphill and interesting struggle to find the right publisher for a particular book. The process is not unlike finding the perfect relationship.

I'm fascinated to witness new expressions of interest from more and more publishers who want to produce my self-help text. These publishers realize the far-reaching sales possibilities of my mansuscript. In the past, some publishers only envisioned "niche" marketing.

"It's MY Crisis" is an opportunity to help other people (no matter where they live, what ails them or how they look at life) with my cutting-edge collection of resources for healing and my simply explained coping skills for finessing medical crises/challenges.

Judging from the international and diverse types of people who've either called, E-mailed or otherwise contacted me about wanting to read the book already, "It's MY Crisis" has quite a promising future.

I look forward to announcing the name of my book's publisher, and the release date when you'll be able to order it online or buy it at your local book store.

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