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Friday, June 22, 2007

Be Sure to Hear Me Speak Before a Live Audience on June 28!

June 22, 6 Tamuz 5767

I'm the first speaker up to the microphone at next Thursday's Natural Healing Conference in Jerusalem's OU Center. Look at the schedule below to see the plan for the day:

Natural Healing Conference – June 28th,2007

10:30 – Introduction – The Challenge of Healing

11:15 Am Yocheved Golani- 'Recreate Your Future: The Secret to Coping with a Medical Crisis'. The remarkable story of a woman who has overcome 5 brain tumors through natural healing

12:30 PM. - Mrs. Yachad Shifman "Psych-K: Envision your Life exactly the way you want"

1:45 PM – Shoshanna Harrari– New Day Cleanse Program – The missing link to healing

3:30 PM – Chaninat'shem Gordon – 'My Family's Journey to raw food and healthy lifestyle'. Tips on how to help your children and family eat healthier and be healthier

4:15 PM – Micah Harrari–'The life is in the Blood' – Using Darkfield Live Blood Analysis for diagnosis and healing.

5:00 Dr Yisrael Yaffa – Natural Hormone Therapy

6: - 6:30 PM - Dinner break

6:30 – 7:30 screening of movie – Supersize Me

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