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Friday, June 29, 2007

Standing Ovation!

June 29, 13 Tamuz 5767

The OU Center piped in my speech to the overflow crowd gathered in another room. The audiences were attentive to the details of my remarks. The quality of the questions that audience members in both rooms posed to me after my presentation was impressive. So was the standing ovation I received in the presentation room and out in the hall!

The videographer hired for the Natural Healing Conference experienced some technical problems with his equipment (Israel is coping with after-effects of an intense, two-week old heat wave). Those problems resolved after my speech ended, so we did a quick recap during a break in the program. I’ll let you know once that video is on the ‘Net, and how to find it.

Everyone in the audience said that they found me inspiring! Many audience members and employees of the OU Center asked to buy my book even before I finished my speech. However, they have to wait a bit. The publishing world has its challenges and quirks.

My initial efforts to sell my manuscript produced unexpected results. Publishers came up with various reasons why they could not take my manuscript (the James Frey scandal, the expense of reproducing my color photographs, my politically incorrect Israeli address). Then things took an interesting turn. That’s what happens when word gets out about a book that several folks in the industry have read. And when they realize how highly acclaimed it is among the mental health/medical experts and clergy who've praised it. Publishers have begun realizing the value of my writing and that “It’s MY Crisis” will sell well to many kinds of readers.

Before I delivered my speech at the OU Center, several publishers had declared their interest in bringing my book to the public, offering publishing contracts. I’m still studying those offers. I need to determine which contract is the best choice for my book and the goals I want to accomplish with it. I hope sales skyrocket when it's finally published.

Meanwhile, my Life Coaching services are already available. Contact me to book your appointment. We can work by phone from anywhere in the world or in person. Scroll down this page to find the always visible explanation about Giveret Golani Life Coaching services. For those of you who need a quick language lesson, "giveret" is Hebrew for "Miss/Ms./Mrs./Ma'am." Hebrew has only one designation for adult females and it does not indicate marital status.

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