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A former medical coder and medical writer, I've been in your position. I survived a life-threatening emergency with information only a person with my professional experience would know: How to find medical innovators, medical experts and charitable organizations willing to pay part or all of an applicant's specific medical costs, who has software to simplify medical appointment scheduling, a sensible list of items to pack for hospital stays, and more.

I knew that I'd pulled through because of my ability to connect with resources I needed. I knew that most patients lack that knowledge. I decided to provide it, to minimize your suffering.

I believe in empowering terrified, confused and unhappy people with dire diagnoses. I believe that patients should not suffer insults to their dignity in medical settings. I provide information that can help you to manage your problems better, maybe to end them, in the book.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Look Who's Using My Book (with permission) Before it's Published!

July 10, 24 Tamuz 5767

Yesterday I posted a reference to some exciting developments about my book that I'd share in the foreseeable future. This item below is just too precious to hold back from you. It is a message I received this week from a prominent psychiatrist (to a colleague). He is also a prolific author:

Yocheved gave me her manuscript on "It's My Crisis." I have given it (with her permission) to several cancer patients on chemotherapy and they found it very helpful. I think it would be a great mitzvah to make this available to all who may need it.
Abraham J. Twerski, MD

Here's bit of vocabulary help for international readers of my blog and my soon-to-be-released book: a mitzvah is a good deed, the fulfillment of one of GOD's many commandments (there are more than the widely known 10).

Several months ago, I received this note from one of Dr. Twerski's colleagues:

“Friends of ours have a young child recently diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy (currently a terminal diagnosis). I assisted them with [It's MY Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need To]... It enabled them to face their challenge with strength.” Psychotherapist Jonathan Dove, UK

Okay healers in the medical and mental health worlds, you read the news here first. "It's MY Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need To: A Life book that Helps You to Dry Your Tears and to Cope with a Medical Challenge" can help your patients and clients.

The release date of "It's MY Crisis!" is fast approaching. You'll be able to buy it here and through my publisher first. Keep coming back to this blog as your number one source of a tool to help your life or someone else's ;^)


Michele Frankel said...

excellent! wonderful perk. Keep up your good work. Michele Frankel

Ari Enkin said...
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Lenny Solomon said...

A real live Superstar endorsing your book!!!!Yaaayyyy!!
Keep it up! Lenny Solomon

J. Y. Shifman said...

Wow, just what your heart needs - to fill it with the whole world's love. J. Y. Shifman

Harriet Katz said...

How wonderful!!! That should sky rocket your sales!


Ari Enkin said...

This is amazing. Throw this book immediately into the big leagues! Ari Enkin

Richard said...

I would publish this book to the larger world market.