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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

People Around the World Want Information From My Book! I Can Share it on Airwaves in Print and Online.

July 3, 17 Tamuz 5767

Soon after word was out in 2006 that I'd begun writing my book, people began contacting me to learn about its content. The phenomenon continues until today. These folks want to prolong or to save someone's life and the quality of that life.

A medical crisis affects everyone in the family, as well as the friends and colleagues of the affected individual.

I've been contacted by all kinds of people urgently seeking the coping skills information and the contact information for therapists with cutting-edge treatments/healing therapies that are in my book. Those seekers of information hail from the UK, Europe, the USA and Middle East. They are family, friends and other acquaintances of the ill person they wish to help.

The pace has increased since I gave my speech in Jerusalem. A man wants to save someone with a brain tumor in Belgrade, an American woman wants to find out new ways to treat breast cancer, someone in South Africa needs to know about above-average help for someone with ADD, an Irish lass wants to learn about still another form of rescue. I've even been asked to use my own Life Coaching skills on someone suffering mental anguish and I'm not even a therapist. That person heard about me from someone associated with my Life Coaching course, then remembered hearing about me after my recent speech in Jerusalem.

I welcome book store owners to contact me to speak about my book in their shops. Media people can schedule interviews with me. All you have to do is to send a message to

Book reviews are already scheduled to appear in Israeli magazines and US newspapers.

Let your readers, listeners and viewers learn how to dry their tears and to cope better with a medical crisis. Contact me to schedule an interview appointment. I look forward to hearing from you!

If you wish to receive a Media Release with my publisher's information and more exciting news from me, let me know at

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