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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Nifty Medical News: More on Medicinal Plants, Lose Cellulite Safely and...

14 Tevet 5768

Golly, I just shared natural medical and hygiene care tips with you on December 19 and now I have more, and more wonderful, news for you.

The Israel 21c organization announced some significant medical breakthroughs this past month. I selected the three biggest stories to share with you:

Experimental orchard lays groundwork for new medicines

For the past 30 years at Kibbutz Ketura in Israel's Arava Valley, an unusual experiment is underway. An orchard planted by Israeli scientist Dr. Elaine Solowey has been domesticating wild medicinal plants and preserving endangered species. And along the way, Solowey has made some headlines around the world.
read more

Recontouring the body, without the risks

If you think Americans are looking a little younger and more fit lately, it may be because of the recent FDA approval of a breakthrough Israeli system in aesthetic medicine called Accent by Alma Lasers. It can reduce abdomen sizes, and remove unsightly cellulite and wrinkles, all in a safe, painless and quick manner. read more

An Israeli design for an 'Energy Tower' could not only produce huge amounts of inexpensive electricity, but may also reverse the very process of global warming itself. Read more

That's an appealing look at physical health issues. Here's a wide-ranging collection of articles about neurological injuries, with a salute to the military forces fighting to defend decency in the world: Wounds within: Traumatic Brain Injury


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