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Monday, December 10, 2007

Provocative Health Care 2008 Predictions

1 Tevet, 5768

It’s that Psychic Season again, when people with fancy and spooky titles such as “Seer,” “Prognosticator,” "Psychic" and “Forecaster” make their audiences rather anxious with ominous predictions for the new calendar year. I prefer to have happier thoughts filling my mind and yours. And I delight in providing people with something helpful or interesting to contemplate. I sincerely believe that acts of pleasant behavior provoke more goodness in the universe. So, I now announce Yocheved Golani’s Provocative Health Care Predictions for 2008. Five predictions, to be exact (may goodness fill our lives!):

1. A scientist who has discovered the cure for some animal viruses will launch a cure for several human viruses including AIDS.

2. A webportal databasing every known form of cure for every known medical malady will launch to serve patients and medical professionals searching for the exact treatment needed for specific diagnoses with specific complications. I even know the URL!

3. War will engulf the world (possibly for less than one month). People will create Out-of-the-Box solutions to medical and other problems (think of that ER episode when Nurse Carol Hathaway was trapped in a corner market with a shooting victim and used glue, straws, duct tape and other items to preserve his life).

4. Prayer and acts of benevolence will prove astonishingly helpful to anyone performing them as well as to the intended beneficiaries of these kindnesses. The kind of stuff that makes news headlines.

5. Stem Cell Research and Therapy will be eclipsed by a bigger medical discovery. Hmmm… I’ll give you one hint. It concerns music.

The Bases for My Predictions
How do I know to launch such guesses? Well, I've been a medical writer for some time. Keep coming back to this blog
for the answers to that question. Find out what I knew before much of the medical world. I have wonderful sources for information and they're not extraterrestrial. They are quite human, humble, and very hard working.


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To your good health,

Yojeved Golani

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