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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hear Me Speak on Internet Radio

7 Tevet 5768

Readers of my blog and other people are filling my answering machine and E-mailbox will "attagirl!" messages of praise and approval because they enjoyed my English-language radio interview at

Here's a handy glossary of a few words you might need to translate:

HaShem is a Hebrew word for G'D
Emunah is Hebrew for Belief in/Trust in G'D
Simcha is a synonym for "joyous occasion"
Refua is Hebrew for "cure" or "recovery"
Tehillim are psalms. "Pesukim of tehillim" means "verses of psalms"

Robert Goldman alerted me to the live link and gosh the show is making me smile, too! Thanks much for the tip, Robert!

Long-time blog visitor Francisco Hernnandez-Marcos liked the interview so much he posted it to his blog,

UPDATE: Er, a somewhat frequent bit of skepticism ripples through the crowds listening to me in live and pre-recorded forums. Some people strongly doubt the validity of my concerns about food processing and food packaging methods that damage human health. Or, the doubters want proof of my claims about harmful practices. OK, you asked. I'm responding. See Peril in plastic?

Listen to me on OU Radio, invite to speak in your community, and I can share with you more of my "You can do it; you have choices," thoughts.

I hope that my message fills you and your loved ones with hope. As I tell listeners throughout my dialogue, upbeat thoughts are the best medicine. Light your way to improved health and peace of mind.

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To your good health,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life.


Jacob L. said...

Dear Yojeved,

This is a beautiful interview. Have a wonderful New Year filled with Love, Joy and Excellent health.

Transforming Vision Naturally

Robert said...

I heard your interview on OU Radio. Thank you for your inspiration and clarity, KOL HAKAVOD.

R. Goldman