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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Worms Wriggling in Human Brains, Guts, and...

17 Tevet 5768

One topic in my book raises eyebrows among readers and wherever I speak with audiences: worms.

Read this article (
Intestinal worms and human allergy.) to understand:

1. Why I've begged parents (for decades) NOT to let children play in sandboxes that can't be entirely sealed when children are not playing in them.

2. Why I no longer eat fish due to globally polluted waters filled with sickened and worm-infested fish.

3. Why I advocate medically supervised use of Bentonite clay and colonic hydrotherapy:

Er, the problem is not limited to Americans. It is a problem without international borders. Want to end many cases of asthma? Poor nutritional absorption? Neurological problems that escape conventional diagnosis? Re-read the above articles, relevant passages in It's My Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need To and in my book's "Resource" section. Do an Internet search on the topics of human parasites, intestinal worms and similar phrases. I'll understand when you reach for a barf bag. sigh...


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