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Monday, July 28, 2008

Book Me to Speak in YOUR Community!

25 Tamuz 5768

How good is my book? A local marriage therapist told me today that she's been reading it to soothe her back pain. Now she's pain-free!

That therapist had heard me speaking about It's My Crisis! in Jerusalem and made sure to buy her own copy. She and other people are fascinated with my rapid recovery from RSD (what a NIGHTMARE that was!) let alone from my brain tumor and its negative effects, and they're booking me to speak in their social venues within Israel and abroad. My public appearances schedule is filling up!

Contact me at to arrange my appearance in YOUR community.

I'll be delighted to share my insights about how to cope and/or heal against the odds, how to re-engineer your thoughts, feelings, deeds and words so that your self-esteem and healing abilities ZOOM forward!

I'll explain how to mimic what I've done to build my courage, to face my fears, and to overcome setbacks. You can do that, too. I'll share the techniques with you as we share laughter, insight about the human mind and body, and the spiritual realities affecting all of us.

Until we meet face-to-face, you can focus on this thought: Hebrew, the mother of all languages, lacks a word for "is."

The reason is philosophical:
We are Works in Progress.

If we were a miserable mess of humanity one day, then worked to improve our attitudes and behaviors over time, we became better and different people as each second ticked by.

For the minute we behaved graciously, politely, compassionately, we were gracious, polite, compassionate people. We did not remain in a static state of unchanging reality. We literally morphed into better people than we were!

Scared that the opposite can also be true? That a person can become worse over time? You're correct, but... the downward slide can be reversed to an upswing. With enough effort (whatever it takes per person and their individual state of consiousness), all the negative energy you've released in life can be transformed into solid-state productivity and positivity.

What do YOU want to become? Patient? Happy? Insightful? Studious? Brave? Pain-free? Healthier in mind and/or body?

Do what I did. Do what Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison and many other people once considered to be at extreme disadvantages have done: Work at achieving your goals no matter who criticizes you or how!!!!!!!!!!

Honor your goals by working towards them. Every micron of achievement you make adds up over time. And when being upbeat becomes your nature, well-l-l, you're going to have a hard time convincing anyone that you used to be...

Start today. Look in your mirror and say, "I can choose my thoughts, feelings and actions. And I'm choosing to make them Positive!"

Do this exercise daily. Let it grow on you and influence you. Replace the negativity in your mind with POSITIVITY the same way a macro does "Replace All" with a click of the keys on your computer's keyboard. Yep, you can replace the mistaken, counterproductive stuff in your head with a Purposely Positive Point of View.

Here's a wink from me until we meet in real time,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life.


Anonymous said...

Your blogspot is wonderful! May you have much success helping and inspiring others.

C. Ashkenasi

Yocheved Golani said...

Thank you!