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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Making the Best (and the MOST!) From a Difficult Situation

7 Tamuz 5768

One of the main reasons that people take jobs seems to be so they'll have something to complain about (I'm kidding).

Normal human beings get cranky over their jobs. Sometimes they have good reasons to be that way. So, I'm making an effort to help you out with a helpful suggestion and with a real-life example of how to make lemonade from the lemons in life. Here we go:

1. Eye Strain from Computer Monitors can be quite a worksite problem. The Mayo Clinic offers some suggestions about how to minimize the hazard. I suggest that you
CLICK HERE to find out why it's important to position your keyboard correctly and to learn other techniques for preventing those itchy, watery eyes annoying you right now.

2. OK, here's that "Lemons to Lemonade" (or, as we say in Hebrew, "Limonada m'limonim") idea referred to above: Remember that badly (really BADLY) broken arm I had back in December? It took months for my surgical, occupational/physical therapy, and personal exercise regimen team to heal it.

I also needed to recover from the loss of my pending book tour income. And I sure wanted a way to feel that I was still a vital part of life at large while I was incapacitated.
I needed to pull a trick out my hat or thinking cap, so to speak. Kinda like Bullwinkle here, but more effectively...

One of the keys to my recovery was the dynamic splinting device/brace I wore. Designed to help my stiffened body parts to loosen up so I could use the affected arm and hand correctly, it is not made or sold in Israel where I reside. My medical team was desperate for me to get the specific device my arm sorely needed (pun intended). I did get hold of that particular item, and the rest made medical history.

And while I was in months-long recovery, I had time to think.

I thought hard about how I'd been blessed to acquire a hard-to-get medical appliance and about the thousands of Israelis who need dynamic splinting devices for their recoveries from complicated fractures, other trauma or disease, too. So, I followed my line of thought to the end and contacted the manufacturer of my appliance, an adjustable (dynamic) elbow splint. I will soon be importing the entire line of those dynamic splinting devices to Israel. Stay tuned to this blog for helpful information about that. I plan to post an official announcement at the appropriate time.

Meanwhile, consider your medical situation and how you can make the best of a difficult situation. I faced possible amputation of my arm or the permanent loss of use in that arm/hand. I turned the situation around into something good for me and for my fellow citizens.

Now, what can YOU do to make your life, and that of other people, sweeter? Let me know your success stories so I can share them here ;^ )

To your good emotional and physical health,

Yojeved Golani
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Anonymous said...

Yocheved a very informative article, thank you! When do you find the time?

Yojeved Golani said...

Heidi, I find the time by saving myself from simmering in sadness, frustration or anger. I focus on solutions, and how to keep things in healthy perspective. That frees me up to do something productive!

Sorry, but I somehow knocked off your name when I responded to your message. Thanks for writing! All the best, Yochi