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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Want to Remember What You Forget?

14 Tamuz 5768

Whew! I've received several requests to comfort people who feel frustrated at their memory skills - or the LACK of them! The petitioners want my humorous take on the problem so they can relax. Fasten your seat belts, here we go:

I often caution people to chill when they become hotly angered over their struggle to recall some bit of trivia about movies, books or events. "Your inner filing cabinet is full," I laugh.

"Your brain has to hold important details, and like all competent secretaries it threw out junky stuff. You've been left with what's important in life."

So much for the laughs. What about the inability to remember information you NEED? Here's the FYI I give to anyone struggling to remember important facts:

  • Set priorities.

  • Spend time focusing on what is IMPORTANT versus what is trivia.

  • Learn to toss mental junk from your head. Clean out your inner filing cabinets when you toss the garbage hiding the information you need.

  • Reduce the time you spend on mindless TV shows or mind-numbing radio shows. They tend to put your brain cells on Sleep Mode.

  • Don't add to your memory challenge by holding grudges (That NEVER solves problems, but it just might give you and everyone around you ulcers or migraines while it ruins your relationships).

    Here's another thought to raise your damaged pride: I doubt that you're any worse off than your local teenager. I mean, really, do YOU always remember to take out the garbage? Do your homework? Return borrowed property? Say "Please"?

    Seriously, teens do forget. They're not always exaggerating the problem. The adolescent brain goes through an adjustment period with that hormonal flush fill-up, increasing academic expectations and more adult responsibilities.

    Adult brains actually start showing wear and tear at about age 18. You have lots of company in the "I Forgot" department. It's not a reason to insult yourself over your age. Forgetting is part of life, not a reason for emotional theatrics. It might very well be the reason that GOD invented paper and pencils ;^ )

    Nobody wants a brain that resembles a mess, right? Learn to let go of trivial facts and figures. Keep reciting important details in your mind and out loud. And UPDATE your day-planner whenever new details develop!

    Want relatively quick fixes for your memory cells?

    Blueberries and green tea seem to be memory-boosters. Fill up on those delighful foods as a pleasant dessert.

    Need more serious techniques for getting your medical (and the rest of your) life together? Want to remember appointments, good advice, someone's name, and other information you need to keep up front and center in your daily awareness?

    Read my book for lots of excellent advice about how to stay organized AND how to boost your memorization skills (hint: one leads to the other).


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    Yocheved Golani
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    Holly Jahangiri said...

    That's a kind and rational way of looking at it. What's terrible is remembering that there IS something you want to remember, and knowing you've forgotten. Truly forgotten stuff? Who cares? You've FORGOTTEN about it.

    Yocheved Golani said...

    Compassion is a BIG healer. Once we calm down our brains have a better chance to focus on recall efforts. And if we don't dredge up the facts we want, then it pays to accept that reality with your kind of cheerful humor.

    Thanks for writing!