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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Here's How to Talk Your Teens Out of Piercing Their Mouths

29 Sivan 5768

Dear Moms, Dads, & Everybody Else Trying to Talk Someone Out of Oral Piercings:

Sighing won't help and yelling already failed (even with curse words!). I suggest a change in tactics: Focus on BODY IMAGE!

Teens who pierce their mouths do it to look cool (kewl to some Gen Yers). But, ah, Mom and Dad, try turning the situation around when ask your child "How cool is it to make your teeth fall out?"

Yep, mouth piercings cause so much trauma in the mouth that teeth can end up falling right out. Open holes in the head never looked attractive, did they, Junior? They smell lousy, too.

And WOW does tooth loss HURT!!!

And, er, what about DYING from oral piercings? NOT the way you wanna end up, huh?

OKAY, now that you're progeny is listening up (even if he or she has arms folded and they're facing away from you), suggest that they read
THIS ARTICLE. It's by a dentist who wrote about what he knows on the dangers of mouth/oral piercings (around the world) last year, in the American Dental Journal. Trust me, it's BAD news.

And you thought getting fillings or a root canal was nasty...

OOH!!! One more important thought:

End the conversation with hugs and words of love. Your child needs you, and the connection works better when parents and other loving people keep demonstrating love instead of anger or frustration.

You don't enjoy being forced to do anything, either, do you?

And you ALWAYS appreciate a loving gesture more than a bad attitude. Kids do, too.

UPDATE: Oral piercings can cause big tooth trouble

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To your good health and that of your teens,

Yojeved Golani
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